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Online Reputation Management refers to the monitoring,/addressing of mitigating search engine result pages SERPs or references in online media and Web content. ORM India, primarily involves tracking what is written about a client on the Internet, then utilizing sophisticated online and offline techniques in promoting positive and natural content, while at the same time pushing down those links the sponsor may not want to show when their name is searched.

ORM is Profitable

Online Reputation Management costs business considerably less than the expenses associated with online reputation harm. That is, the fees incurred to manage a profile or brand online are significantly lower than the costs associated with a lack of trust by customers, stress and pain suffered by business owners, loss of business and loss of sales.

Google rankings is also controlled by ORM

The base of ORM, search engine optimisation provides Google Top 10 management for keywords associated with your business, brand, product, service or profiles. Online search behaviour dictates that these Top 10 search engine results are the most viewed. Users are bombarded with these listings. If a negative listing is present, reputation harm results. By undertaking an ORM campaign, businesses are essentially taking back control over these Top 10 rankings.

Goals and Objectives

Raising web solutions is driven by specific goals and objectives. Underlying these is our in-depth knowledge of industry standards, research surrounding best practice.

ORM Guarantees

Our Online Reputation Management guarantees that the intended message about a product, service, business, brand or profile is delivered. Allows you for the best story to be presented online without any barrier. Adjacently removes negative and irrelevant listings from top rankings